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03 February 2007 @ 02:59 pm
masterlist of fic  
My fic! Fandoms listed in order of my enthusiasm for them at the moment, or something. Older stuff is posted on LJ or other sites but can also be found in an Archive Of Our Own here, while newer stuff is directly posted there anyway. I use a rating system vaguely based off of AO3's: teen, adult, and explicit. If it's tamer than teen, it doesn't have a rating. Word counts are rounded off to hundreds.


The Sword in the Global Economic Crisis (Merlin/Arthur & Morgana/Gwen & Lancelot, teen, 34,700 words) [art by zephre]
racebending AU/reincarnation fic. In which Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Lancelot, and Gwen meet a dragon who tells them it is their fate to save Albion and bring magic back. So of course Arthur has identity crises about being of Indian origin, Merlin learns about magic, Morgana gets trapped in her own ideas of destiny, Lancelot tries to deal with being ordinary, Gwen questions her sexuality, and everyone worries a lot about the fate of the world.

..............turning in revolutions (Morgana/Gwen, adult, 16,500 words)
..............They were so different. In moments of weakness, under the cloak of darkness, Gwen let her mask slide out of place; Morgana only drew it in tighter, taking a
..............kind of refuge in secrecy that Gwen could neither understand nor approach.

gravity.....this is the fate you've carved on me (Merlin&Arthur, gen, 1100 words)
.series.....Yes, Merlin knew the questioning, felt it still in his bones. And Arthur would, no doubt, need the same kind of support, to reconcile himself to being created

..............drink their poison too (Merlin/Arthur, adult, 9200 words)
..............If they continued this way, helping people for each other’s sakes, there could be no evil in it, he thought. Not in this. Just their two sides of a coin, flipping and
..............spinning and creating a whirlwind of power and good.

Visited Upon The Son (Merlin/Arthur, explicit, 6500 words)
He opened his mouth, a denial on the tip of his tongue, but the words wouldn't come out; in the back of his head he could hear a litany of voices saying traitor, traitor, traitor over and over, and he didn't know whether they meant Uther or himself.

but our lives move along (Morgana/Gwen, teen, 8000 words)
modern AU/reincarnation fic. These days, Morgana dreams of the past.

As True As The Sea Is (Merlin/Arthur, teen, 3700 words)
Arthur could tell from the tone of his voice that Merlin was about to say something he wouldn’t like, something supremely idiotic and self-sacrificing, and he let out a frustrated breath as Merlin said, “Arthur, I can’t get through, you have to leave.”

Possess (Morgana/Gwen, teen, 4000 words)
Morgana had met many haughty, arrogant, selfish nobles in her life, but none so tiresome as Lord Jevan.

I, I was the only one to know (Merlin/Morgana, explicit, 3400 words)
Merlin plans to say something to that, he really does – but for some absurd reason, his mouth goes dry at the sound of Morgana's lips pronouncing mercy as if it's something filthy – insidious, perilous, yet still somehow still desirable.

sibling rivalry (the dreamsharing remix) (Arthur&Morgana, gen, 2300 words)
Uther died seven months after Morgana fled Camelot, but a scarce two weeks after she left Albion itself, and even through his grief – the bone-deep, exhausting grief that he couldn't have rationalized away even if he'd wanted to – Arthur could see the irony in the timing.

Star Trek XI

take a chance on me (Kirk/McCoy, teen, 4300 words)
Five times McCoy didn't take a risk for Jim Kirk, and one time he did.


That Star Fall Down (Ryan/Esposito, teen, 12,600 words)
Ryan opened his mouth to give a sharp retort, but a sudden look at the expression on Esposito's face made him close it again. He looked not only pissed, but a little too invested; and there was that strange feeling in Ryan's stomach again, except this time it wasn't heavy so much as tight and clenched, threatening to choke all the air out of him.

The History Boys

Able was I, ere I saw Elba (Posner/Scripps, teen, 4250 words)
It had never been difficult to be friends. And that summer seemed to prove that it wouldn’t be even after starting at Oxford or Cambridge, because they needed each other now, didn’t they?

Hope; feathers (Dakin/Irwin, adult, 3000 words)
Dakin's not one for art; it's nothing more than idle curiosity that gets him into the museum. But now he's old enough and experienced enough to take lessons in unexpected forms.

....[Sequel] And the songs you sing are the songs you've sung (Dakin/Irwin, teen, 6800 words)
....“Come on,” says Dakin, smirking. “You can expose facts that aren’t generally taught in the history classes, provide a different perspective. We all know how much you love ....that."

Not for Time's throwing [Band of Brothers crossover] (Scripps, implied Nixon/Winters, 2000 words)
There are times when Scripps can’t imagine recording any of this for later; when the cold, hard language of reports makes him lose all love for words, when living on the outskirts of this war makes him disgusted enough that the burden of writing, distancing himself any further, would be unbearable.

Innocence (Lockwood, Scripps, Posner, gen, 1800 words)
World War I AU. “Limitations!” Scripps bursts out. “These aren’t fucking limitations, these are lies, out and out lies.”


And If You Fall (Sam/Dean, adult, 2500 words)
Dean’s beliefs are not completely rigid, but he likes to be certain about things.

Sentinels [Doctor Who crossover] (Sam/Dean, Tenth Doctor, adult, 9300 words)
"You’re not dead yet," Sam wanted to tell him, recalling late-night showings of Holy Grail in various rooms in his dorm, though he doubted Dean had ever seen it. He couldn’t count the number of things he wanted to tell the demon who’d brought him back and taken Dean down.


forever united here, somehow (Clark/Lex, teen, 6800 words)
METROPOLIS, KS – Lexcorp announced a plan to launch a new chain of cafes called Cadmus Coffee nationwide on July 22, 2009.

House M.D.

Rituals (Cuddy/Cameron, teen, 4500 words)
He looked at her keenly, his eyebrows raised a fraction, but only for an instant – a sniper shot from those startling blue eyes. Then in characteristic House-fashion he merely grunted and limped off. But Cuddy knew that the look on her face was the same as Cameron’s had been – an expression of satisfaction.

DC Universe

Some dance to forget (YJ: Cissie, Anita, gen, 1400 words)
Young Justice is kind of like Hotel California; you can quit, but you're never really gone.

fire & fluidity (Dick/Babs, 400 words)
Years later, he will ask her, “We had fun, didn’t we?”

rare fandoms

#826: Nerd Voices [National Public Radio RPF] (Sarah Vowell, Ira Glass, David Sedaris, gen, 2300 words)
Sarah often tells interviewers that Ira's true genius is in editing, picking apart stories and putting them back together in the most compelling way possible; the part she leaves out is that he'll first indulge every single idea that you have, playing devil's advocate for every whim or tangential interest just so that you check it out. Then once you have a semblance of a story, that's when he'll tear it apart.

Duet [The Secret Garden musical] (Neville, Mary, gen, 7000 words)
There is nothing lonelier than being invisible. Love is blind, it was always said, but Neville had never realized that it meant lovers were blind to the rest of the world as well.

from the sidelines [August Rush] (Louis/Marshall, adult, 2900 words)
Now when Marshall resented his brother’s genius, it was because he knew how dependent he was on it – on him. So yes, Marshall knew that Louis was special, better, separate. The real problem was that Louis knew it too.