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27 October 2015 @ 02:14 am
Dear Yuletide author,  
Thank you so much for signing up for these Yuletide fandoms! I am SO THRILLED that you're writing something for me - I am pretty much guaranteed to love whatever you write in these fandoms.

There are a few things I'm NOT very into, that I'd prefer not to have in the fic:

-Deep, fundamental power imbalances between characters who are in a romantic or sexual relationship. In fact, if there's any sort of built-in power dynamic, I'd prefer it to be reversed by the attraction between them - the powerful one being the one pining, etc. As a result of that, I'm not super into BDSM or anything with formalized power roles - I like bondage when it's about trying to make the restricted person lose control, but that's about it.
-Pregnancy, regardless of the sex of a pregnant person.
-Character death or severe trauma (including rape and sexual abuse) that is not in keeping with the canon.
-In general, I do like happy endings, but that's not a hard and fast rule depending on the fandom.

Other than the points above, the following prompts are meant to be inspiring rather than restrictive, so take these ideas with an entire shaker of salt, and go with whatever makes you the most excited. I'll enjoy it more if you enjoyed writing it!

In no particular order:

Scrotal Recall

I completely adore this gem of a show, and I'm so sad that there's not more of a fandom for it, so I'm pretty much ecstatic about the idea of any kind of fic for it! I love all of the main trio desperately, and would love anything about the three of them together, whether it's an exploration of their friendship, possibly about how they all met and got so close at uni, or as an OT3 (I ship both Dylan/Evie/Luke and Dylan/Evie equally), ideally with open poly negotiations and a lot of complicated feelings. I was also really very taken by some of the side characters, particularly Anna, Abigail, and Phoebe, but absolutely no pressure to include them unless it works for you.


Once again, I love this show and its main trio so much! I'm not particularly into the three of them as a romantic triad, but I do like Galavant/Isabella, and I love their friendship - my favorite episode was absolutely the one with "Togetherness", so anything exploring that would be wonderful! I also loved the Pirate King, and would love to see more of him and his pirates interacting with or helping our heroes - if you're into writing plotty things, maybe a prediction of how Galavant is going to mount a rescue operation of Isabella and Sidney, with the pirates' help! I've also heard cool theories about how the pirates might be transmen; if that's something you'd be interested in exploring, I'd love to see it!


I am completely, utterly obsessed with the Schuyler sisters, and would love anything about them, particularly about any of their relationships with each other! I'm open to Hamilton/Eliza and/or Hamilton/Angelica being a background part of the fic, but for the most part, I would prefer if the fic didn't focus just on those Hamilton's relationship with them? However, if you're at all into Hamilton's friendship with Peggy, I'd love to see how she confides in him! Basically, I'd really like something that is centered on one or more of the sisters, with Hamilton as a secondary character or not there at all. For Eliza, I'm fascinated by her life after his death, and how she might have been able to get some of her power back; I'd also love to see Angelica's perspective on Eliza's life, or Angelica's own life and adventures in Europe.

Again, I am so so so excited for Yuletide and what you're writing for me, and thank you again!

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