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30 October 2015 @ 01:01 am
Dear Festividder,  
ACK, I'm sorry this is SO LATE! I really hope this hasn't made things too difficult for you! Especially since I am absolutely thrilled that you are going to be making a vid for me, which I am guaranteed to love no matter what.

Please take the following prompts as inspiration, not as restrictive guidelines - in the end, I'll definitely enjoy the vid more if you enjoyed making it and used your own ideas for it! And as far as music goes, I like pretty much everything - I think it's more important that the song fits the vid than that it is music I personally like. And really, I'm probably going to like it just because it's in the vid, so it's really kind of a moot point!

Belle (2013)

I completely adored this movie, and would pretty much like to see any kind of take on it - focusing on Dido's relationship with her family, or with John, or on her beliefs about slavery and how she impacts Lord Mansfield's judgment, or on how she is treated by everyone around her - basically anything as long as Belle and the movie's ethos are central to it!

Fresh Off the Boat

I love everyone in this show, but I have to admit a special (if not surprising) love for Jessica Huang. I'd be thrilled with pretty much anything about the Huang family, but if you have a particular fondness for Jessica like I do, feel free to focus on her!


There is pretty much nothing about this show that I don't love! I'm especially partial anything with Isabella in it (desi princess of my HEART), as long as it's not a purely Galavant/Isabella vid - I ship them to death, but I'd rather have a vid that's either a character study of her individually or something more of an ensemble vid, especially if it includes Sidney! I'm also pretty fond of the pirates, though I would rather not have something focusing just on them; basically include Isabella in some form, and I will be ecstatic.

Jane the Virgin

This show is such a revelation - Jane is one of the most emotionally honest characters I've ever encountered, and her way of responding to increasingly ridiculous situations continues to feel so genuine and heartfelt and amazing. I'd love something focusing on her, particularly her relationship with her family. Again, I'd prefer something that's not a hugely shippy vid - I enjoy different aspects of her relationships with both Rafael and Michael, and I'm happy to see them represented, as long as they are not the central point of the vid, because at the end of the day, the Villanueva family has my heart.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Oh man, I don't even know how to describe my feelings about Flying Circus - I've loved it since I was about eight years old, which was probably too young for my parents to start me on it, but it seems to have worked out! I love pretty much everything about it, so whatever strikes your fancy would be amazing. Basically the only thing I ask is that you exclude some of the really racist sketches, and that the vid doesn't focus on the last half-season without John Cleese, because, tbh, I've not actually watched the whole thing, and don't have much of a desire to. If it's helpful to you, I've listed some of my favorite sketches and their episode listings, but feel free to only use them if they work for you!

"Agatha Christie Sketch (railway timetables)" from 2x11 (ep 24)
"The Funniest Joke in the World" from 1x01 (ep 1)
"Blancmanges Playing Tennis" from 1x07 (ep 7)
"Dead Parrot" from 1x08 (ep 8)
"The Spanish Inquisition" from 2x02 (ep 15)
"Johann Gombolputty.... von Hautkopf of Ulm" from 1x06 (ep 6)
"Ministry of Silly Walks" from 2x01 (ep 14)
"Election Night Special" from 2x06 (ep 19)
"Raymond Luxury Yacht (Throat Wobbler Mangrove interview)" from 2x06 (ep 19)

The Rachel Maddow Show

Oh my god, RACHEL MADDOW. Umm, I am so excited at the prospect of ANYTHING about her wonderful, brilliant, geeky, adorable, gay self. It might be particularly fun to highlight some of the Best New Thing in the Worlds, or her Friday cocktail hours, or her recent quiz things with fans! And of course, there are the many awesome interviews she's done, like with then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, or Rick Santorum, or Jon Stewart - nor would I be opposed to seeing any of the times she has been interviewed on The Daily Show!

I also adore her love for women's soccer and the US Women's National Team, as well as her comic book geekery (there's that great appearance she had on Seth Meyer's show where she talked about Batwoman), and her love of drinking, honestly! And if you can find a clip of that time she made picklebacks on Jimmy Fallon's show and include it, I will honestly be so impressed and LOVE YOU FOREVER, since it seems to have disappeared from the internet when I've gone looking for it.

Cracked.com staff videos

Cracked! My favorite webseries is After Hours, followed by Writer’s Room, etc – but really I love all of them. If possible, I’d love something that focuses on the Cracked staff (in all of their many incarnations) as a team or a group of friends – but if that falls too close to RPF (the line is blurry), it’s totally fine to ignore that and focus on individual stories or plots within a particular video or series.

Thank you again for making this vid for me - I can't wait to see it!


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