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09 October 2016 @ 11:32 am
Dear Yuletide author,  
Thank you so much for signing up for these Yuletide fandoms! I am SO THRILLED that you're writing something for me - I am pretty much guaranteed to love whatever you write, especially when it's going to feature these characters that I love so dearly.

Things that would be awesome to see in this fic:
- A happy (or at least hopeful) ending
- Focus on friendship or found family relationships
- Origin stories or delving into a character's past in some way
- Characters out of their comfort zone, and dealing with it by trusting the people they care about - think a sudden adventure or other kinds of unexpected shenanigans!

Things I would prefer to not be present:
- Deep, fundamental power imbalances between primary characters
- Lying and obfuscation that goes beyond a simple misunderstanding
- Normally I love AUs, but for these fandoms I'm so captivated by the canons that I'd really love them explored! Canon-divergence would be totally cool, just not an outright AU, if possible
- Pregnancy

Now, specifically by fandom! These are pretty much the same prompts I gave on my sign-up (except for the one about Sam Stewart, which I expanded upon a bit), but I've copied and pasted them here too just in case.

Scrotal Recall/Lovesick (Evie, Luke, Dylan)

I'm interested in pretty much anything about these three as long it involves them all together! I'd love either gen about their friendship or shippy fic - I ship them as an OT3, or as Evie/Dylan plus Luke as their codependent bestie. Since the second season will only have aired on Netflix in mid-November, I'm totally fine with fic that either ignores it or takes it into account! As for more specific ideas, I'd love a story of how they all met in uni, or shenanigans from their time living together that we haven't seen onscreen, or how they all deal with the revelations at the end of the first season, etc. I totally wouldn't be opposed to seeing other side characters as well, as long as the focus is on the main three, but that's completely up to you!

Fresh Off The Boat (Jessica Huang)

My love for Jessica Huang knows no bounds! And after that revelation about how her favorite haunt is a lesbian bar, I'd LOVE to see more of her there, making friends and meeting people, or spending time with the people already in her life there (I didn't list anyone else from the show as characters because I absolutely don't need them to be present, but if you want to include them, that's up to you). If you want to take it a femslash route, either with an OC or an established character, I am so up for that, as long as it involves open communication with Louis about it instead of infidelity. But I'd also just love a gen continuation of what the show gave us, whether Jessica ever figures out that it's a lesbian bar or not!

Foyle's War (Sam Stewart)

ANYTHING ABOUT SAM. SERIOUSLY, ANYTHING. Backstory about her upbringing, expanding on her relationship with Foyle and her friendship with Paul (which I love - what else did they get up to back when she was bunking with him that time she didn't have housing after the fire at her billet?), adventures she had on her own that none of the others knew about, etc etc. Go wild!

Hope that's helpful! If not, feel free to comment anonymously with any particular questions. And thank you again for writing for me - I'm so excited to read and squee over whatever you come up!


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