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Secret Fannish Identity

stalking one at a time

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synonym spice!
4 April
2010 ETA: I HAVE MOVED TO DREAMWIDTH. I'll still cross-post and keep up on LJ, but I'd prefer all my journaling and fannish interactions to take place at fiercynn at DW.

me: girl, 24, queer, silly. (or: the tl;dr version!)

current fandoms: Star Trek (AOS, TOS, DS9), due South, Tierra de Lobos, Cracked.com's After Hours
side fandoms: Community, Teen Wolf, Castle, Elementary, Avengers, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Inception, Downton Abbey
ex-fandoms: MERLIN, Supernatural & CW RPF, Doctor Who & Torchwood, The History Boys, Smallville, House M.D., DC Comics, Harry Potter

my fic/podfic/vids: masterlist here and my fic is also at AO3

transformative works policy: if anyone is so inclined, I give blanket permission to do anything you want with anything I've created, whether that takes the form of podfic, writing in the same universe, fanart, vidding, crafts, fanmixes, translations, or whatever strikes your fancy. Just let me know about it because it would be pretty much guaranteed to make my day!

luthien13 circa 2003: "No historical slash!"

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